Harry Judd: "Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter ARE moving in together!"

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It's been a busy year for McFly's Dougie Poynter. It started with a break-up from Saturdays girlfriend Frankie Sandford, followed by a break, then a tearful reunion splashed all across newspapers, and finally full on reconciliation for the pair!

However, after giving their relationship another go, Dougie and Frankie seem to be smooth sailing at last, as Dougie's bandmate Harry Judd reveals the pair are definitely moving in together. When asked during an interview with Real Radio whether rumours of the pair shacking up were true, Harry said: "It’s pretty much all true", adding; "I think they’re the best looking couple on the planet those two." Err, most definitely!

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And it's not just his love life that has kept Dougie busy. He may not have attended the interview with Real Radio, but his McFly bandmates Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher turned up to reveal what all the boys have been up to.

They've been absent for a while, and just returned with a totally new sound. Danny said of where they've been and why they've changed: "we’ve kind of experimented a bit on this album. We basically started recording it about two years ago in Australia, we did about ten songs and got to the end of the recording process and kind of realised that we hadn’t challenged ourselves or pushed ourselves enough. We basically scrapped those ten songs, we were about to go on tour to South America and Europe and we thought while we were away we’d take a step back and come up with a real clear vision of what we wanted to achieve."

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Blimey. It's a bit crazy that they created an album, then scrapped it all and started over, but good to hear the boys were focusing on creativity as opposed to forcing a new CD out that they weren't happy with!

And it isn't just their sound they've been working hard on. A presenter for the radio station said: "The boys are looking good! They’ve clearly been hitting the gym since the last time we saw them and have a fantastic image to match their new sound." And we have to say, we like...

We've also seen a few preview pictures from the music video for their upcoming single, Party Girl, and we can reveal that the boys will be jumping on the Twilight bandwagon and getting their vampire fangs out. Hot!

Are you loving the return of McFly? Are you pleased that Dougie and Frankie are still working out? Comments, please!

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