Is Robert Pattinson losing his looks?

Robert Pattinson has been lying low of late. And while at first we thought it was down to his busy work schedule, there now exists photographic evidence to suggest Rob's absence from the social scene is actually due to some rather embarrassing facial hair.

Seriously, just who on earth thought it was a good idea to let Rob out the front door looking like this...?

Even R-Patz himself doesn't appear happy to be sporting this new look. In fact, it looks to us like he might be questioning where it all went wrong.

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Perhaps we can shed some light on things for you, Rob. Remember that day back in, um, March when you ran out of shaving foam? You should have headed straight to the supermarket to re-stock.

We can only hope that's where he's headed in this picture. But no, turns out R-Patz was actually off to a hot Hollywood night club with his publicist Stephanie Ritz.

Bet K-Stew wouldn't have left the house with her man looking like this.

We wonder what Kristen Stewart will have to say about Rob hitting the town with another lay-dee. Perhaps he's been in the dog house since deciding to grow what we can only describe as fur on his face. And to think he used to be hot.

Do you think Robert Pattinson needs a good shave? Is he still fit with all that facial hair?

Comments please!

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