HOT OR NOT: Paul Wesley?

The wait for the new series of Vampire Diaries is almost over and what better way than to celebrate the closing of this dark period than to have a good old fashioned ogle at one of the show’s most visually pleasing stars, Paul Wesley. Yum.

Paul plays the OH so gorgeous Stefan Salvatore and can definitely give Cullen and co. a run for their money when it comes to the sexy vampire stakes.

Here Paul is doing the whole “I’m too sexy to need a tie” pose…

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Love it? Here’s another…

Ah, could we be showing you images that are any more beautiful? If the world was to end would these pictures be looked upon by aliens as an example of how perfect man was? Er, maybe…

And now because we’re big softies and may prefer animals to people, here’s a snap of Paul and his adorable pooch!

Now we’re officially won over!The way to Sugarscape’s hearts is easy – get a dog.

How fit is Paul? Does he have the looks that teenage dreams are made of, or would you rather hang out with his dog?

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