HOT OR NOT: Sam Page?

She may be a bit of a bitch but Gossip Girl sure does spoil us with the never ending stream of hotties she throws our way.

The next one who we’ll be able to greedily feast our eyes on is the ever so delectable Sam Page who will be playing Serena’s love interest. Here he is…

He is so hot that we won’t make a bitchy jealous girl comment about the hole Serena’s top, just in case he’s reading. We want him to think that we’re nice people.

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Let’s have another gander at his fit face and kiss the computer screens while we’re at it.

Mwaaah. Cheers Sammy that was splendid.

Sam doesn’t just do the standing still and looking fit thing, he actually manages to run and still look hot! Imagine, someone running and looking good at the same time. Where do they find these freaks of nature?

So Scapers do you think Sam is hot enough to grace the streets of the Upper East Side? Has he got what it takes to content with Nate, Chuck and Dan? Comments please…

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