Oh Kellan Lutz, you do fill our lives with joy!

Kellan Lutz is a sexy, sexy man but before we stumbled across pictures of him on the way to the gym this morning, we hadn’t realised that is actually earth movingly sexy.

So, because it’s Thursday and we’re sure you’ve had a long, hard week, let’s look at these pictures of the man who made us forget to breathe.

Yes we’d be smiling too if we had those arms Kellan (and we were men).

Admire here the sheer bulk of his muscle, the beauty of the structure and the flawlessness of his… is someone drooling at the back?

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We just shed a small tear at his perfection. We wonder if he’ll let us have his vest? So there you have it Scapers.

There was no real point to this story apart from the fact that we wanted to have a perv over Kellan, but there’s no shame in that right?

Are these pics of Kellan the best things that have happened to you all week? How much do you fancy him now? Comments please…

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