HOT OR NOT: Ash Stymest?

If you have a penchant for lads who you can’t bring home to your parents and you’ll spend the weekend partying with rather than at the cinema then we’ve found the one for you.

His name is Ash Stymest, he’s 19 and presents MTV BANG on Sunday nights. This is him here looking moody and nonchalant.

We define his face as “heartbreakingly good looking” and want to touch it.

Ash isn’t just a hotter than hot presenter, he’s rocking that face and bod like there’s no tomorrow and has modelled on top designer campaigns, working with the likes of Kate Moss.

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Er Kate, can you you keep your grubby little hands off him please he’s ours; he just doesn’t know it yet.

Here’s a black and white shot. It’s a bit artsy and the kind you might put on your wall when you’re going through a moody phase.

What do you think of Ash? Has your pulse rate increased during the time it took to read this story, or do you prefer guys who grin and seem like they’d text back?

Comments please…

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