What happened to Joey Tribbiani?!

We're assuming everyone watches Friends on E4 right? Right. So picture Joey Tribbiani, aka Matt LeBlanc in your head right now.

We're guessing you're imagining something like this? And the words "How you doin'...?"

That was the year 1997 - we know, we know, a few of you weren't even born then, make us feel old in our relatively young age why don't you.

Or perhaps you thought of him like this? By 2002, just 5 years later, Matt still looked pretty much the same. Cute, hot, fit - all of that.

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But either way, we'll bet our entire Twilight DVD set and collection of topless Taylor Lautner pictures, that you didn't shut your eyes, rack your brain, and picture Friends hunk Joey looking like this...

What happened! We know that everyone gets old at some point, except for Kylie Minogue of course whose face hasn't changed since 1989, but seriously Matt, WHAT happened?!

Surely that's someone's grumpy dad doing double denim purely by chance, and not former dreamboat Matt LeBlanc circa 2010? Please, tell us it's not. Is it?

What do you think happened to Joey Tribbiani? Even though he's a little bit old, did you fancy him in Friends? Comments please!

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