Drug lord has a shrine for Justin Bieber!

We’ve always thought obsession with Justin Bieber was something exclusively reserved for females under the age of twenty (mid twenties if you work at Sugarscape) but oh how wrong we were.

Because joining us in our love for el Biebs is none other than Luciano Martiniano de Silva - you know, the Brazilian drug lord?

Yep that’s right Bielibers, when armed police raided the drug trafficking suspect’s home they were shocked to discover a shrine dedicated to Justin Bieber!

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The drug kingpin had a hand-painted mosaic of Justin across the entire wall of the room and the rest of the walls covered with posters of Justin.

Police spokesman Marcos Vinicus Braga said: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Er, you don’t say… we just hope the beautiful mosaic wasn’t purchased with drugs money!

We wonder what first lured de Silva under Justin’s spell. Do you think he was irritated by him at first and thought he was a girl? Did Baby change his life? Or maybe he saw a picture of Justin during the time he had a broken leg and thought he could use him to smuggle drugs in his cast… who knows, the possibilities are endless.

What do you think Justin has to say about all this? Do you know any unlikely Biebliebers?

Comments please!

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