Harry Styles is dating an older woman!

OK Scapers, we have some news and to be frank, we’re quite disturbed by it. But seeing as it’s our job to inform you on all the up-to-the-minute news that matters we’re obliged to share this.

Are you ready?

Harry Styles as a girlfriend. Yup.

And not just any girlfriend, a 23-year-old one at that. Yes that’s right he’s 16.

The cradle snatcher is a model (jealous) and her name is Syanne Patterson (Syanne’s a nice name, grrr). The two met back stage a few weeks ago and started dating shortly after, they were trying to keep their relationship on the down low (we would if we were dating someone seven years younger) but the pair got busted by producers this weekend.

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A cheeky source revealed: "They've been seeing each other really hush-hush for a bit but producers started asking questions. He's completely smitten."

Smitten? What kind of a word is that? Shut up that’s not our jealousy speaking.

If we’d known Harry had a penchant for an older woman would have hopped down there ourselves and tried our luck.

That’s a lie, we wouldn’t have, 16’s just a bit too young when you’re in your twenties and G.C.S.Es are just a blurry memory. Just saying. We were always hoping one of you guys would end up with him and you could spill all the goss. Not one of our actual peers!

So what do you think of Harry and his older woman? Are you jealous? Annoyed? Hitting your keyboard through floods of tears? Tell us about it…

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