Cheryl Cole's ideal man is Paul Walker!

Wonder what Derek Hough will think about this?! In an interview with Steve Jones on the set of her new video The Flood, Cheryl Cole admitted that her ideal man is Paul Walker!

Paul sure is a hottie but this surprised us a tad. I mean obviously we aren't that surprised that she thinks he's easy on the eye but we wouldn't have thought she'd pick him out of anyone. He just doesn't really seem her type to us. Maybe Derek is turning her onto blondes? Who knows!

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Chez also said that her and Girls Aloud will make another album but don't know when. If they're still contracted to do THREE more albums they'd better start soon!

Check out the interview here

Do you think Paul Walker is hot? Do you think him and Cheryl would make a good couple? Do you think this Girls Aloud album will ever happen?

Comments please! 

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