Take a minute to appreciate McFly's Harry Judd in the buff!

There are many things that we have a natural aversion to, tomatoes, damp jeans and over plucked eyebrows to name but a few. Seeing Harry Judd, stripped down to a pair of tight white shorts, while he pulls with faces like this…

…is not one of them.

Harry got his heart stoppingly perfect torso out for a very sexy, sexy, SEXY photo shoot for Attitude magazine.

And seeing as we’re guessing you lot are not the target audience for the gay men’s mag, we thought we’d bring the delights of said photo shoot to you, with this behind-the-scenes video.

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How. Hot. Was. That?

If, like us you are finding it hard to concentrate and continue with every day life after then we suggest you take a look at this picture of Harry circa 2005, that haircut should bring you crashing down to earth.


Has Harry officially become the hottest member of McFly or is there another band member you’d rather see stripped down to their Y-fronts?

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