EXCLUSIVE: One Direction's Zayn Malik talks first kisses and his celeb crush!

Welcome to our EXCLUSIVE Sugarscape One Direction Month!!

To celebrate the fact that there's going to be an awesome EXCLUSIVE interview and photo shoot in (the last ever, sob!) Sugar magazine out on Feb 23rd, we're declaring February One Direction Month!

With a new and exclusive One Direction video to come every week for the whole of February (wowzer!), we thought we'd kick things off today with Zayn Malik sharing all about his first ever kiss (awe!), and the first celeb he ever had a crush on.

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So come on, who do you reckon he fancies? What do you think was so funny about his first kiss? You're about to find out...

Nine years-old! That's young isn't it? Aah how we wish it was us standing next to that brick all laden with Zayn.

What do you think Sugarscapers? Is Zayn your fave?

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