Is Jake Gyllenhaal now dating Carey Mulligan?!

Poor little Taylor Swift was probably crying into her guitar when she heard about this one. Her ex-boyf (can you call him that they dated for about a second) Jake Gyllenhaal has moved on and is rumoured to now be romancing Carey Mulligan. He likes his blondes doesn't he?

According to The Sun he took Carey out to see a Mumford and Sons gig and then to dinner and rhey also went to see his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal's off Broadway play Three Sisters.

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One thing we had to think long and hard about before embarking upon this article is do we actually care? Well we do a bit because Jake is a little bit fit and it indirectly involves Tay-Swiz, but the first thing we thought when we heard this was YAWN. He always looks so miserable. And as nice as Carey Mulligan seems, she wouldn't be first on our list of people to have a fun night out with.

We wonder whether Taylor will pen a song about this one. Until she does we'll amuse ourselves by wondering how it would go.

I dated a guy his name was Jake,

he turned out to be a bit of a flake.

And what can I say, his face was too hairy,

so all I can say is good luck to Carey.

We didn't say we were songwriters.

What do you make of Jake's love life? Do you think it will last with Carey? Or should he have stuck with the swift?

Comments please!

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