Harry Styles: I love cute girls!

If you're also plotting the best way to finally become One Direction hottie Harry Styles' girlfriend, then listen up - because he's given us all a few pointers on what he likes in a girl!

"A good sense of humour and someone who is loyal and cute - I like cute girls," the curly haired singer told Now magazine. "I don't have a hair colour type, but I do love cute girls."

We can be cute! We'd become cute as a Polly Pocket for Harry Styles!

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This next bit is possibly the best thing that Harry Styles has ever said though. Are you ready? "When I ?have a girlfriend, I like having someone I can SPOIL!" Gawd, imagine being romanced, cuddled and properly spoiled by Harry Styles? That would be the best thing ever!

What do you think Sugarscapers? Is Harry Styles your perfect boyfriend? Comments please!

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