SNOG, MARRY, AVOID: Ian Somerhalder, Matt Lanter and Chace Crawford!

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Oh Scapers, we’ve been faced with a huge dilemma and we actually have no idea what to do about it. Can we discuss this with you?


So basically three absolute hotties are after us, each one wants to marry us and they won’t leave us alone until we tell them which one we want to be with. They’ve said that although we can only marry one of them (alright traditional) they’ll let us snog the other but if and only if we avoid the third for all eternity. AGH WHAT TO DO?

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So here are the three lads, you may have met them before…

Chace Crawford is perfect obviously and says that he’d steal clothes from the Gossip Girl set for us if we married him. Cheers mister. But can we really handle marrying a man who spends his days with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester? Oh and there’s the small problem with our obsession with his mate Ed Westwick.

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We find Ian Somerhalder’s bad boy vampire image a complete turn on and he’s promised to keep it up if we accept his hand in marriage. We are concerned that he sometimes wears blusher. Could we really be with a man that does this?

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And then there’s Matt Lanter. Oh Matt Lanter. Matt, Matt, Matt Lanter. We do love Matt. Hmmm. But so does everyone. Could we trust that he’d stay faithful to us and us only?

Oh so there lies our huge dilemma and we really don’t know what to do. We also can’t think for ourselves so if you could make this decision for us that would be grand.

Remember which ever one we marry will let us snog one as long as we avoid the other forever.

What would you do?

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