One Direction are getting pelted with carrots!

There’s a lot we’d like to throw at One Direction, namely ourselves (we did a bit, it was shameful), but we’re a little confused at the latest craze to sweep through their fans, who have turned to pelting the boys with carrots.

Sorry what? Yes carrots. And not just your run of the mill dirty, smelly orange veg (we hate carrots); these ones are adorned with smiley faces and phone numbers. That’s genetic modification for you.

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When the Mirror quizzed the boys on the craze Harry said: “It’s the craziest.”

He was obviously one of those moody quiet days.

Niall however revealed: “There was a bit of a joke going on. We were once asked what kind of things we like in girls. Louis said he likes girls who like carrots. And ever since then we just get carrots sent to us.”

Ahhhh that explains it. kind of.

By the way we really, really love carrots. Yeah Louis? Hmmm love those crunchy, orange, bleeuuugggh. Nope can’t do it. Damn.

Have you been throwing carrots at One Direction? What else would you like to hurl at the boys?

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