WIN! Ed Westwick's shirt and a signed picture!

You know in romantic comedies when the girl's stayed at the guy's house, and then the next day she puts on his shirt and just saunters around like, 'I can wear your shirt now, because you fancy me'?

Well, you could be sauntering around in Ed Westwick's ACTUAL shirt from this ACTUAL seen in Chalet ACTUAL Girl. Actually.

Also...not sure if this will make you want it more or less, but the shirt has a stain.

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A sweat stain.

From Ed.

Ed's sweat.

Also, he's chucking in a signed picture for the lucky winner.

How nice.

To win the crusty clobber and pawed picture, follow us on Twitter and Tweet the following;

Bonjour @sugarscape, I want Ed's sweat #sugarscape

We'll announce the winner on Monday 28th March at 10am.

Good luck!

Check out our exclusive Chalet Girl clips here and here, and swoon at some Ed pictures here!

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