Niall Horan sure likes sticking his thumb up.

We've just analysed pages and pages of photographs of him (someone has to) and can assure you that every single picture in this BEASTLY gallery is absolutely gorgeous.

It's just as good as our Harry Styles gallery and our Liam Payne gallery, actually.

He's a cheeky one that Niall, and indulges in plenty of hilarious poses with signs, and brings along lots of interesting props like shopping bags, drinks bottles, and sometimes a mobile phone.

It's gripping stuff.

Anyway, we'll shut up now and let you get on with your perve session gallery browsing.

Click on and let the Niall action KICK OFF.



Oh, we have to put in the picture of him and Sugarscape's Lauren, because they're like, totes BFFs now.



So there we go.

A whole lotta Niall.

Did you enjoy?

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Any thoughts? Or are you lying on the floor dribbling and unable to read this?

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