Olly Murs naked gallery? Anyone?

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Olly Murs performed in G-A-Y last week, and when we say performed, we mean REALLY performed.

Olly decided to treat the audience (and photographers, therefore us, and now the world) to a striptease, taking off ALL of his clothes, including his pants! Cheeky.

We've got all the bare-faced and bare-arsed pictures from the night here, so click on if you're that way inclined.

Be warned though, some of the pics are full on ARSE IN YOUR FACE. So they're not for the faint of heart.

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Right in there straight away taking his top off. Lovely stuff. We like your work Olly.

He looks like he's still having a chat too! Impressive. He can talk for Britain that lad, as he demonstrated in our interview with him HERE (don't worry, it pops up in a different window so you can save it to watch after you've seen all the nudey pics.)





Top off, next off is the trousers.






Slowly does it...





...veeerrry slowly.

This is making us want to sing Oasis 'Little byyy liiittttlllleee...'

Because he's taking so long. Not because of what he's getting out. If you catch our drift.


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Almost there...


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Ooh just that last awkward bit.

Nice face. We nearly didn't notice it.



Woo! Trousers off, moving straight on to REMOVING THE PANTS.

This is fun isn't it!

Just to let you know, there is quite a lot of Olly on display in the next picture, so just skip ahead to the page after that if you don't think it's what you want to see...



Told ya.



Nice bum though hey? Maybe not when it's bent over... but y'know, one girl's vom-fest is another girl's dream and all that.

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..aanf they're off!

Hee hee he has a sock tan.

Shouldn't laugh though, because it's probably from Kenya, where he was doing lovely things for charity for Comic Relief 2011.

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Just checking everything's in place before he turns around...



"Hmm...there are actually quite a lot of people here...and I'm in a cow-thong...do I regret this?"



"Bugger this the show must go on! I've been through worse, I was on the X Factor for cryin' out loud. HELLOOO HERE I AM NAKED!"



"Not sure what else I can really say apart from that, maybe the cow has something more interesting to talk about?"



"Hello? Cow? Cow thong? No?"



"Sod this, I'm going home."

There. The End.

Was that the best thing you've ever seen?

We had fun anyway. Quite a nice way to spend half an hour!

Do you have any thoughts or anything to say about these pictures?




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