Dougie Poynter back with McFLY in Sheffield

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It's nice to see Dougie Poynter looking all cheery now that he's out of rehab and back on tour with the McFLY boys again.

The boys opened their Above The Noise tour on Friday night in Sheffield, and the crowd were treated to ALL of the awesome foursome.

Dougie arrived on stage first to a massive reception from the crowd, although he then Tweeted (seriously, WHAT would we write about if we didn't have Twitter?) "I wasn't meant to go on that early! I'm such a dumb ass!"

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We don't think anyone in the crowd had a problem with it though!

After the gig Dougie later Tweeted that Sheffield "Knocked the crap outta me!"

So glad to know he's enjoying himself again.

Click on for some more pictures from McFLY's opening night...



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SO good to see them all back together! We know they weren't actually apart from that long, but it seemed like frickin' ages.

Did you catch Tom and Danny on Comic Relief, too?

Gorgeous, rockin' AND charitable.

What more could you want?

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