One Direction's Louis Tomlinson dressed as a CARROT!

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One Direction are a playful bunch of scallywags aren't they?

They played in Nottingham on the X Factor Live tour, and Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik donned some fake facial hair, while Louis Tomlinson dressed as a giant carrot.

Niall Horan was also there.

Click on for the rest of the pics and a video of the boys shaking their carrotty, hairy stuff.

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Anyone else think Liam, Harry and Zayn looked a bit like The Village People?

Check out the video from their Nottingham / Nottinghairy show here. Alas, they don't burst out into YMCA at any point, but it's still good.

The boys tweeted about the gig later on in the night, saying "Well done to Louis Tomlinson who just made 700 pound for help the heroes charity for performing to 9000 people dressed as a giant carrot."

Nice one Louis!

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