Hey, Justin Bieber, nice necklace.

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We often see pictures of Justin Bieber similar to this; walking through an airport with a smug kind of grin about his face.

Surrounded by burly looking men who are probably there to fend off all the girls who want a piece of him - the thought of which is probably adding to his grin.

He's got his boxfresh hat on - worn backwards, because he's cool like that. He's wearing brand new 'sneakers' without a mark on them, some strange shiny trousers, and is rockin' some serious bling.

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Except, the bling's not quite as tough and cool as you might think. It's actually...

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...a sparkly Stewie from Family Guy!


This has actually made The Biebs go up in our estimation, as we'd much rather he walk around in something we can relate to (like, y'know, comedic genius) than with a big chain that says BLING or SWAG or J-DAWWG on it or something.

Actually, the J-Dawwwg one might be quite cool.

Click on for some more pics of J-Dawg at the airport getting his blingin' swag on.



Like the look?

Think we should call him J-Dawwg forever more?

Comments would be much appreciated. Ta.



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