One Direction's naked pictures..

One Direction have never been a shy, timid bunch of lads. Even when they stripped off to jump into Aberdeen's icy sea they found time to strike a few poses! Obviously not bothered about what effect the cold weather would have on qualities.

Louis Tomlinson spilled the beans about the band's naked adventures;

"We went to the seaside in Aberdeen. It was absolutely freezing, but we all skinny dipped!"

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"We took photos of all of us, but we've got them locked away somewhere nobody can find them."

Liam Payne proved Louis' point by telling The Mirror; "I've still got sand in my pockets.

"But the funniest thing was, Harry took off all his clothes but kept his shoes on."

"I didn't want sandy toes!" said Harry.

That Harry, does he EVER have his clothes on?

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