Watch episode 3 of One Direction's Pokémon diaries!

One Direction's third Pokémon diary entry is here, and they just get sillier and siller and we LOVE THEM.

Louis is wearing a bonnet. Does it get much better than that?

So, in episode 3 of the Pokémon diaries, we see Harry fly away and do some pretty fierce diva-stylee singing that could give Beyoncé a run for her money; we see the boys play Pokémon racing and have a little dance with Pikachu...

...and Liam talk about freezing his penauts off.

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It's really very good.

Click next to check it out for yourself...







As you know, One Direction are the new brand ambassadors for Pokémon on the Nintendo DS, so will be featuring in a lot of lovely Pokémon related things, which you can check out on our One Direction channel here.

Such as their Pokémon diaries episode 1 and episode 2, and their TV adverts.


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