Fancy having Justin Bieber in your mouth? YOU CAN NOW.

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If, like Sugarscape's Lauren you've always dreamed of having Justin Bieber in your mouth, then your weird dreams are about to come true.

Justin Bieber has launched a new range of toothbrushes EMBLAZONED with his face, that sing Bieber songs while you're brushing your teeth.

You can even get Justin Bieber dental-floss. Justin Teether? No. We'll think of something else later.

The singing brushes come in two frightening innovative formats; one plays Baby and U Smile (ohh we see what they did there...still terified) and the other will bust out Somebody To Love and Love Me, so you can sing along while brushing your gnashers and get frothy toothpaste all over your bathroom, resulting in a room resembling the murder scene of the Michelen Man.

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That's not the official line they've gone for; the toothbrush company is inviting us all to 'Join the JB brushing revolution,' which sounds, above all, frickin' scary.

Perhaps even more unsettling than the prospect of having the be-fringed one clean plaque from your molars, is the INSANE VIDEOS that the company has posted on YouTube, with some unnervingly smug children and an apparently binge-eating dog.

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Click next to watch one of them, at your own risk.

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It's just all a bit weird for our tastes.

What do you guys think? Will you be getting a Bieber-brush when they launch on July 1st?

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