Prince Harry should marry Lady Gaga?!

With the Royal Wedding between Kate and Wills coming up people have been pondering who our young Prince Harry will end up walking down the aisle with. Obviously, we're hoping to be picked but if our grand schemes don't work out Lady Gaga is the best option. Apparently.

In a poll by Rehab London, asking who men would most like to see Prince Harry get hitched to, Lady Gaga won with 53% of the vote.

Well he is the wild child of the family and she is generally wild. They both like to party. They both like dressing up. They're both popular and powerful. Forget ruling England, together they could probably rule the world.

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Can you imagine the wedding? They could hatch out of an egg at the end of the aisle...

While we think this is a match that just has to happen we also think it might be the worst idea on the PLANET.

Cheryl Cole came in second. We're pretty sure Harry would be happy with that. While The Only Way is Essex's Amy Childs came in third which makes us deeply thankful that the British public can't elect the monarchy.

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The poll also asked who people would like to see take to the throne as king. No suprises Stephen Fry came in top followed. We can respect that.

However, in joint second place were Piers Morgan and Russell Brand, which is the weirdest most destructive combination of leaders we've ever heard and would inevitably cause the end of the world.

What do you think of Prince Harry marrying Lady Gaga? Who do you think should be Queen (not including yourself)? Comments below please!

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