EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson talks to Sugarscape about his sex scenes

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As you may have seen through our over-excited tweets last night, Sugarscape went down to the Water For Elephants premiere and had a chat (albeit brief) with Mr Robert Pattinson himself.

Of course we had hundreds of questions planned, a charm offensive all mapped out, and the night was going to end with some intimate drinks in a bar down the road where he would tell us that he's only ever had eyes for us as we ran our hands through his hair - but we only got about half a second with him, so that plan will have to wait.

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Still, being the intrepid, serious, investigative journalists that we are, we got right up into his face and asked about sex.

Look how intensley he's staring into our eyes. We think he liked it.

Dammit our original plan would have gone so well! *annoyed stomp on the floor*

Actually, this face is a little bit more intense.

We only had a short time together, but it was great. We had some ups, some downs, (mainly ups - how could there be downs? Are you mad?) and some laughs.

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Click next to watch the interview and see what Rob has to say about his lurrrve scenes...


So two things we've noted from this;

After all the chat about how Reese calling him snotty was a farce, HE WIPES HIS NOSE ON HIS HAND. Snotbag.

He says the love scene in Breaking Dawn "isn't really aggressive". If they're sticking to the books, then isn't Edward meant to kind of...beat Bella up a bit when they get jiggy for the first time?

Bash her about a bit? Leave her with loads of bruises and rip pillows apart?


Like we said, we didn't get a lot of time with him but hopefully you appreciate us keeping the camera on while he was talking to some other bloke. Maximum R-Patz facetime.

What do you think of Rob's chatter about his love scenes?

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