One Direction are in Sweden?!

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So word on the Tweet street is that One Direction are in Sweden. Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson reportedly flew in last night and are going to remain in the country for the next five days.

Twitter nearly imploded with the news and Sweden start trending. Of course One Direction caused a country to trend....

There was interest, confusion, panic, excitement among the Tweets...

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"One Direction are in Sweden?? What are they doing there?"

"What if One Direction are here in Sweden because they want to find gfs to Harry and Niall? @ challenge accepted :)

"Sorry, UK.. u won't get one direction back yet.. They stay in the lovely country sweden for 5 days :')♥"

"I cant believe one direction have gone to sweden .. when are they acctually coming home !"

But WHY have the boys left UK soils for Sweden?

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Reasons why One Direction have left us for Sweden...


a.) Some serious IKEA shopping (you can't have too many flat pack wardrobes/clothes pegs can you?)

b.) To party with hot Swedish girls (we think they should keep their eyes closed the whole time)

c.) Because 'horan' means 'whore' in Swedish and Niall wants to live up to his name?!

d.) Eat A LOT of Swedish meatballs (I wouldn't put this past them)

Or more likely...

e.) To film a music video for their album 

f.) To record some more songs for their album. There have been Tweets stating the boys are in a recording studio in Stockholm.

This morning Niall also Tweeted, "heya the studio again today!! loving it!! loving the weather too!"

Which could be a music studio OR a film studio?!

Don't get tempted by all those blonde, blue-eyed beauties now boys! OKAY?

How do you feel about One Direction going to Sweden? Why do you think the boys are there?

Comments below please!

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