One Direction have returned!

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It's seemed like an AGE since we were safe in the knowledge that One Direction were walking upon the same shores as us, but the boys have returned from their trip to the Swedish recording studios and are back in sunny Britain!

It seems like the boys are just as pleased as we are to be back the UK.

"So good to be home!!" tweeted Harry.

"Missed everyone :D #icantbelieveigotthesuitcasebackithadsomuchstuffinit ...good times.."

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Louis' mum was tweeting her excitment about going to pick up her "Boo bear" (nice nickname Louis), and showbiz journo Dean Piper was lucky enough to see Harry Styles in the actual flesh.

"Just bumped into Harry Styles of One Direction. Sporting big curly locks right now.

"Cute! Such a polite boy."

Click on to see what the rest of the boys had to say about coming back to the UK and their British fans, alongside some of our favourite pictures of them.

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"On my way home, to chill with my friends n family," said Niall.

"And watch Leinster win the heineken cup yet again!!!"

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"Hey everyone," Louis tweeted.

"Can't wait to see all our amazing fans when we get back. How we've missed you :)

"Love you all! X"


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"UK yow..." said Zayn. Whatever that means.

"Sooo glad to be home!"

Well that bit makes a bit more sense.

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Liam...well, Liam didn't actually comment on coming back home, instead writing about his secret shopping trip to buy presents for his sister.

Not so much of a secret if you put it on Twitter is it Liam?

"Shopping timeeeee" he wrote.

Followed by, "So the thing I brought today was a present for nicola so pleasee don't rt it cuz otherwise there's no suprise"[sic]

"Plesase delete any tweets about it lmao :(" [sic]

Clever. But thoughtful...and fit. So we'll forgive him.

Are you pleased to have the boys back in the UK?

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