Behind the scenes on Justin Bieber's Someday perfume ad!

Did you see Justin Bieber's advert for his Someday perfume?

It reminded us of this...

Watch it again here if you haven't seen it, and check out the space-like floating piggybacks and flying hand-holding of joy.

Justin's also posted a Behind The Scenes featurette, which is actually more like a snippet or 'brief clip', but if you like seeinf Justin Bieber jumping around and spinning upside down wearing some big purple shoes then you're gonna love it.

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If not, then you'll probably want to check out these videos instead.

Click next for the Behind The Scenes shizz.


Even more floating around action that didn't really explain a whole lot really, did it?

Hopefully he'll release a more informative video soon to satisfy our curious minds.


It's the Justin Bieber gallery!

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