So this week MTV had the launch for their brand new show Teen Wolf and good news Scapers – it’ll be coming to the UK soon.

Obviously we’re more than excited about the airing of Teen Wolf for it’s artistic merits and deep social commentary of the coming-of-age werewolf, but a large, overriding, uncontrollable small part of us is really looking forward to seeing the HOT guys the show has to offer, because OH DEAR GOD THEY’RE HOT.

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In fact they’re so hot that we actually think they’re worthy of a fittie battle against the Twilight werewolves, so we’re going to pitch the Teen Wolf stars, Colton Haynes, Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin against Taylor Lautner, Boo Boo Stewart and Alex Meraz, to see which side you think is hotter.

Get ready for a whole lot of wolf themed fitness…

The lead guy in Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey, does a grand job of making turning into a big dog look sexy.

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But can anyone, human or werewolf out-sexy Taylor Lautner?

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Tyler Hoechlin sure puts up a good fight.

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We've always had a soft spot for Boo Boo Stewart!

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Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes = YUM

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But oh, Alex Meraz, how we love thee.

We wasn't that a lot of hotties in one story? You're welcome!

Which wolf pack please your eyes the most though, Twilight or Teen Wolf? Pick now Scapers!



What do you think?