One Direction's Louis Tomlinson shows Cheryl Cole a LOT of love

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It came as a shock to everyone when Cheryl Cole was sacked from the X Factor USA, and - although we like to think that we know Cheryl quite well, and we write about her enough that it sometimes feels like we're bezzie mates - it came as even more of a surprise to people who actually know her, like One Direction.

The general messages from everyone are that she'll do OK because she's Cheryl flippin' Cole for cryin' out loud, and most people would give her money just to sit there and look pretty.

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Most people also seem to have forgotten that she's meant to be a pop star too, and for some people that's enough of a job. But whatevs.

"We are for Cheryl," says Louis.

"She's lovely, she's been there and she knows what the show is all about - and she's hot!"

Wise words.

Click on for some more lovely pictures of Louis Tomlinson, and click here to go to the Louis Tomlinson gallery!

Oh, and in case you've forgotten, click here to see him dressed as a carrot.

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What do you think of the whole Cheryl kerfuffle?


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