Let's go behind the scenes with Cody Simpson!

So while we try and wean ourselves off loving Justin Bieber because it’s a bit weird and wrong, there is another young man who we can look at and say things like “oh he’ll be hot when he starts shaving”. Oh great.

It’s Cody Simpson and we have the behind-the-scenes for his latest video, On My Mind.

In it Cody seems to think it’s acceptable to pick a photo of a girl he doesn’t know off the floor:

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And then traipse the mall bothering other young girls he hopes are her.

A lot.

But it’s all in the name of his art, so click next to see the behind the scenes.






Well we certainly didn’t expect Steven Baldwin to turn up in that. Er “hi”.

What do you think of Cody Simpson? Are you a fan of this Aussie beau?

Comments please…

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