The fact that this poster of Taylor Lautner in Abduction looks like it's preeeetty different to what actually happens in the film is totally irrelevant to us shallow beings. We're not even bothered about any inaccuracies, we're more bothered about finding a man-sized tissue to wipe the drool off our chins.


We don't care that in the trailer he was a bit flaily on the roof, didn't have a gun in his hand and there was no glass shattering off because of the sheer brute force of his overly masculine boots and terrifying presence. We're not even bothered.

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Also in good news is that this is the American poster and there's a UK poster on the way - so even more Taylor joy!

Good times.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it already - looks awesome!

Click next to check out some more pictures of Taylor looking fiii-HIT.


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Lovely stuff.

What do you think?