One Direction's Louis Tomlinson splits with girlfriend?

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So One Direction seem to be a big bunch of bachelors these days, with Zayn Malik and Rebecca Ferguson splitting and now Louis Tomlinson reportedly finishing with his girlfriend Hannah Walker.

All happening right before their single's released too...interesting *strokes chin*.

A 'source close to the band' (Simon? Is that you?) told the Daily Star that "All the lads are now young, free and single, to concentrate on recording their debut album and promote their new single."

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Single for the single ey?

"Zayn was pretty gutted about the break-up," says sourcey, “but Louis felt restricted trying to juggle his relationship with being in the band.

“The boys are really busy recording their debut album and it became harder and harder for Louis and Hannah to see each other.

“He tried to make it work but when the band release their first single later this summer he wants to be 100 per cent focused on that."

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It does sound tough trying to keep a relationship going when you're always swanning off to Sweden and LA, but these two break ups have come at an unnaturally similar time - unless the boys made a pact to do the deed together, it's all a bit suspicious.

But now Louis is free to join Harry Styles taking models out in LA we guess?

What do YOU guys think of it all? Click next for some more pictures of Louis looking scrummy, or check out the Louis Tomlinson gallery here.



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