EXCLUSIVE: Louis Tomlinson relives his dramatic police car chase!

So as you know, we ran into One Direction's Louis Tomlinson last weekend at the Virgin Media V Festival and had an absolute whale of a time talking to him.

But as handsome and sprightly as Louis was there seemed to be something on his mind, a shadow in his eyes and a demon in his soul.

Here’s what happened…

Sugarscape: "Everyone’s loving the video."

Louis: “It’s alright isn’t it? Do you know what, it was so much fun to film as well, soo much fun… Can I just say, on Alan Carr it was because I was driving too fast.”

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What the what? Alan Carr? Driving too fast? Oh yes, the police story… We smile, nod, gaze into the Tomlinator’s eyes and let him continue…

“What happened was, like, obviously like, I’ve never driven in America before and I’m used to driving on the left hand side. It was a bit weird”

OK Loots, we hear ya, driving is tricky at the best of times…

“This police car was escorting us and I didn’t realize they were escorting us, no one briefed me. So I just overtook this police car like ‘Hey, whatever, let’s continue’, and then he pulled me over and was like (adopts American accent), ‘I don’t like the way you’re driving sir!’, and I was like…’Oooh. Okaaay.’ So…then he was a bit…he was alright, he was a nice guy, but they take no sh*t out there so he had his hand on his gun.”

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Yeah Tomerella, make sure you always call someone talking to you with their hand on a gun a “nice guy”.

So that explains exactly what went down with Louis and the policeman that fateful day, we’re glad he got it off his chest. Hopefully and can go on being the fit, espadrille wearing, ray of sunshine that we all know and love.

But er, Louville, if there is anything else you’d like to get off your chest, or just fancy having a chat and cuppa, you know where we are…

Love a bit of the Luigi T? Would you like to er, pull him over? Comments please…

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