Well those One Direction lads must know that we're fans of them in suits, because they've only gone and put some more on and gone all posh for a gorgeous shoot in the October issue of Tatler magazine!

We see the boys jumping about in their suits, walking down the street in their suits, and Harry playing the drums in his suit.

It's really all very lovely.

The shots are in the October 2011 issue of Tatler magazine if you fancy getting your actual hands on them.

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Just casually walking down the street in some suits. Being all casual about it. No biggie. Whatevs.

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Oh look, they stumbled across some drums during their fancy walk, and everyone's gathered round for a sing-along.

How splendid.

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Oh HEY NIALL! Fancy seeing you here, on Fancy Street.

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'sup Louis. Nice shades. Vibesing.

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Check Harry, walking down Fancy Street like it ain't no thaaaang.

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It's all very arty and moody isn't it?


They don't scrub up too badly do they?

If you fancy some more of One Direction in suits, check them out arriving on the GQ red carpet here, and have a look at them after the GQ Awards here.

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