Justin Bieber was a naughty boy in school

Justin Bieber has come out saying he's not going to go to 'college'. We're hardly surprised. However, his reasons weren't what you'd expect. It's not because he ALREADY has a hugely successful career but because he didn't actually like school in the first place...

Apparently the oh-so-popular Biebs didn't have a good time back when he was at school.

When asked about it Justin Bieber replied, "There were a lot of teachers that were mean to me... teachers were mean to me, if you can believe it."

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But how could they be mean to your baby fact Biebs?

He continued, "Because I was a bad kid...I just talked a lot in class."

Justin Bieber acting out? Trying to get all the attention on him? We're can't imagine that! Oh wait... that's exactly how we imagine JB at school.

We might love the Biebs and on the whole he's well behaved but he does like to cause mischief and mayhem wherever he goes. Teachers don't love that.

However doesn't he realise that this kind of behaviour is the basis of uni life. He would have a blast.

What do you think about Justin Bieber being bad at school? Surprised? Reckon he would have fun at college? Comments below please!

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