Niall Horan: 'My eyes are the only thing I like about me'

We bloody love a bit of Niall Horan here at Sugarscape. We love his charm, his golden locks, the way he laughs hysterically at his own jokes, and the cheeky glint he always has in his eyes.

We're pleased to hear that he likes his eyes too, but it saddens us to the BOTTOM OF OUR SOULS that there's not much else about himself he's willing to talk up.

We Love Pop magazine asked him what the sexiest thing about him was;

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"My eyes," he said.

"It’s the only thing I do like about my body. I feel awkward talking about it actually.”


We're sure we're not the only ones who think there's more hot stuff about Niall than his eyes, so why dontcha leave your comments about the rest of Niall's gorgeousness in the box below and we'll tweet him the link.

Or he might read it himself, he loves a bit of Sugarscape. *smug*

All five covers of We Love Pop are out NOW. Each has the cover star’s solo interview inside, as well as the group interview.

VIDEO: Niall Horan talks being naked, boobs and loving Sugarscape. Oh yeahhh.

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