Zayn Malik: "It's too hard to have a relationship in One Direction"

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Poor One Direction. They spend most of their time being surrounded by hot girls throwing themselves at them, but they just don't have the time for a girlfriend with all their video shoots, TV appearances and interviews with people other than Sugarscape who wouldn't even mind if they brought their gal pals along.

The more the merrier.

Zayn Malik has briefly dipped his toes in the girlfriend pool since he's been in 1D, but claims to have decided that it's not for him.

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"I've realised it's too hard to keep a relationship going in this industry," he told The Sum.

"It's hard to maintain."

Well Liam and Danielle seem to be managing alright don't they Zaynster? Or Louis and Eleanor?

Or maaaaybe are you just having a bit too much fun being single and eyeing up girlbands?

"We met up with Little Mix and they are very cute," he admitted.

"There are a few fit girls in that group."

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Click next for some more pictures of Zayn while you mull over how easy it would actually be to be his girlfriend.


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