Harry Styles gave Peaches Geldof a fake phone number!

One Direction's Harry Styles probably isn't too short of a few voicemails, texts and calls from girls every day, and we imagine he's hounded for his phone number 24/7. It's no surprise that he gives out a fake number every now and again, but it's HILARIOUS that he gave some false digits to Peaches Geldof.

We can't really imagine what Peaches would be calling Harry about anyway...

"So uhhh....yah, hey Harry, it's like, totally like, Peaches Geldof yah."

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"Sooooo yah. Was totes wondering if you wanna like, totes wanna come shoplifting with me later? It's gonna be blates totes top bants."

"... *hangs up*"

"She must hate me," Harry told OK!

"If she's reading this, say hello next time you see me. I might give you the right number."

There you are gals, the way to Harry's number is simply to say hello. Result.

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