One Direction's Harry Styles to become a model?

It would seem that Harry Styles’ boyish good looks, curly hair and impressive nostrils don’t just have teenage girls weak at the knees, apparently his blessed features are being eyed up by modelling agency bigwigs. Ohh err.

According to The Sun, the One Direction hottie met the director of FM Model Agency at a GQ party last week and despite only being 5’10” the agency reckon Harry’s curly locks would be a massive draw. Well we could have bloody told them that.

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"Harry has a meeting lined up in a couple of weeks to discuss things further with the agency's director Ash Mosley,” a source told the paper.

"Harry seemed very excited about it."

We’ve got to admit Scapers, we’re worried. No it’s not about Hazza hanging with models, developing an ego, or splitting up the band; we worried about Zayn Malik.

Everyone knows he’s 1D’s resident pouter, how is he going to handle Harry Blue Steel-ing everywhere? We don’t know, we just don’t know…

Share our concerns? Reckon Harry would make an awesome model? Well tell us here then innit.

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