Sugarscape Ladvent calendar Day 2: Taylor Lautner

You may be happy enough with your traditional Advent calendar (even though the size of the chocolate is pitiful in our opinion), but we're getting far more joy from our Sugarscape Ladvent calendar. Here is something to warm you up on an cold December day.

Day 2 brings you the beautiful Taylor Lautner!

Could anything make you happier than looking at this face? You could cut through ice with that jaw.

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He's just so happy all of the time. Which makes us happy. And Christmas should be happy, right?

Well done for bringing all the festive joy Taylor, keep up the good work.

Phwoarrrr, Taylor makes us think naughty things. Ah well, he's worth getting a bag of coal for.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of our wonderful Ladvent calendar.

Sugarscape Ladvent Calendar Day 1: Zayn Malik!

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