EXCLUSIVE: We measure One Direction's Zayn Malik's quiff

Here at Sugarscape we're pretty much martyrs of Serious News. We thrive on being able to bring you the stuff that matters and the news you need in your lives.

So at Jingle Bell Ball, as One Direction's Zayn, Louis and Liam were being dragged off to speak to someone else, we grabbed The Malik before he had a chance to escape and measured his quiff for you.

OH THAT'S RIGHT. Watch out you investigative reporters at the broadsheets, Sugarscape is hot on your heels.

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So, how long do you think Zayn Malik is? (snigger)

Place your guesses now...

Were you close? Louis didn't look too pleased at the whole situation, but we're sure we can think of something of his we can start measuring... (like trouser length. obvs.)

By the way, this is the introduction of QUIFF-WATCH. Anytime we see the boys we'll be whipping our ruler out to measure the changing state of Zayn's hair.

You stay classy San Diego.

The story of Zayn Malik and his ever-changing hair

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