Liam Payne: I fell over in front of Tinie Tempah!

Next time you fall over and embarrass yourself in front of everyone, spare a thought for One Direction's Liam Payne. Because he didn't just fall over infront of his mates. He fell over in front of uber cool rapper Tinie Tempah.


Liam told Radio 1: "We all met him and I fell over. That's an awkward moment, isn't it?"

It is a bit Liam. At least you didn't split your trousers and flash your y-fronts. Actually that would have been brilliant!

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He continued: "The problem was I'd really hurt myself and we were jumping up and down to some tunes. So I was like on one leg, doing the one leg dance."

The one leg dance? We've never heard of it. We demand you come over to our office at once and perform it for us, it's totes necessary for accurate reporting purposes.

What do you think? Reckon Tinie found it funny? Which celeb would you be most embarassed to fall over infront of?

Comments please!

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