McFly's Harry Judd to have babies with Izzy Johnston soon?!

McFly's Harry Judd is all settled with girlfriend Izzy Johnston - we're not just talking baking bread together settled or going shopping for IKEA tables settled - we're talking HAVING BABIES settled. Izzy has admitted to OK! mag that she wants some... soon.

We do not blame you Iz.


They've been through a lot together including a breakup but now Strictly winner Harry Judd and long time girlfriend Izzy Johnston are happy as plum pie and preparing for the future.

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Izzy told OK mag: "I've wanted to be a married girl with children since I was 20. I'm now nearly 28, so I'm incredibly broody and ready to have a bun in the oven!

"I just love home, I cannot wait to be a mum and do all that. [To Harry] You know that, don't you? [Harry fiddles uncomfortable and they both laugh]."


Harry Judd in sparkly vest

So there you have it the world could be filled with mini Harry sprogs before too long. Well if Izzy gets her way...

Are you happy for Harry and Izzy? Or feeling an eeny weeny bit jealous because you want ALL OF HARRY's BABIES? Comments below please!

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