One Direction treated for neck injuries following car crash

As you all know *sob* One Direction *blow nose* were in a *sob* car crash last night *breaks down crying*.

Sorry, it's taking us a while to overcome the shock. We just keep reminding ourselves the boys are fine.

One Direction's publicist has reassured us: "The band's tour transport was involved in a minor car crash. The boys were treated for whiplash and the tour continues."

Their tour bus was crashed in to a car travelling 30mph last night as they headed back from their Birmingham gig and they were met by medics at the scene.

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One Direction on stage in Birmingham

A source for The Sun related: "It was a close call. The lads and their two tour managers were pretty shaken up and were treated for varying degrees of whiplash.

"Yesterday they were seen by an osteopath who gave them the all-clear."

Apparently, Louis, Zayn and Niall were the worst affected. However, the boys aren't going to let you guys down, despite advice to cancel their gig they're still set to perform tonight in Plymouth.


Please leave them messages of love below...

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