Harry Styles getting Caroline Flack advice from James Corden ey?

We doubt One Direction ever need much advice when it comes to girls, but they've revealed that whenever they need some help from a love doctor, they turn to their buddy James Corden for some wisdom.

Zayn Malik even said "He's our love guru," according to The Mirror.

Photoshopped picture of One Direction and James Corden

James is happily engaged and father to a wee baby, so clearly knows a thing or two about keeping the ladies interested.

"James gives great advice," said Harry.

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“James knows everything about every situation,” agreed Louis. “He’s such a lovely fella, too.”

While Niall admitted that Mr Corden “looks after” them all.

One Direction at the radio 1 teen awards

Maybe that's what he was doing at One Direction's New Year's Eve party; sorting out their love dilemmas and giving them all a shoulder to cry on, while they were surrounded by girls who were all having a great time and there specifically to see them...

Yeah, we don't imagine they keep James too busy with their girl problems.

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