Harry Styles 'takes Caroline Flack to meet his mum'

Harry Styles reportedly took Caroline Flack home to spend time with his family over the weekend, and Caroline's said to have made a "great impression."

This comes after rumours that he took her home over Christmas, and confirmation from Harry's sister Gemma that Harry's family all love Caroline, saying; "If he's happy, we're happy."

Harry Styles took Caroline Flack to meet his parents

"Caroline and Harry are a full-on couple now," a source told The Mirror this week.

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"Things are getting serious pretty quickly and they’re in love.

"At first it was just a fling, but now they’re looking at a future together.

"Caroline seemed to make a great impression with Harry’s mum and it was mission accomplished.”

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack are 'in love'

Not that any of this is brand new really, but we're glad everything seems to be going well.

Even if we still think it's weird, it's better to be weird and happy than weird and miserable. Yeah.

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