Has One Direction's Harry Styles got a new tattoo?

Well this is all very interesting. Harry Styles has been photographed in America with what looks like a new tattoo of a star underneath his left bicep. So basically his armpit. Harry Styles may have got an armpit tattoo.


Not being too up on our Styles Armpit Knowledge, we can't say we've ever really studied the area before, but we've definitely never noticed a new tattoo.

Harry Styles from One Direction who might have a new star tattoo

There was chat a few weeks ago about Harry wanting to get a Caroline Flack tattoo, so maybe the star (if that's what it is, although it could say I LOVE SUGARSCAPE and we just can't see it properly) has something to do with her?

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Or maybe it's because he's sooo totes a mayyyjah celeb now and wanted to be crazy and get a star tattooed on himself as he's like, also, a star? Deep.

harry styles from one direction

Maybe Louis Tomlinson's got a matching one? Maybe Harry's had it for ages and we just haven't seen because he's been wrapped up warm in the UK?

Maybe it's not a tattoo at all and some kind of horrible skin disease that's a bit awkward and we shouldn't have really brought up.

Sorry Harry.

Harry Styles wants a Caroline Flack tattoo?!

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